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    Ready for the New Year?


    The back-to-school season doesn’t have to be sad. Summer may be over, but these DIY backpack tutorials will add plenty of spunk and flair to your favorite student’s autumn wardrobe while showing off your crafting skills.

    Even those whose school days are long gone will love these fashion-forward projects. Find inspiration in these tutorials and head to your local craft store to create your own wearable masterpiece.

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    Painted backpack

     Jader Bomb

    Make back-to-school season even more fun by adding color and whimsy to a plain white bag. The fun polka dot patterns used in this tutorial are guaranteed to brighten everyone’s day.

    DIY Painted Bag from Jader Bomb

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    DIY Backpack Patch

     Lovely Indeed

    There’s no better way to customize your backpack than with a DIY patch. Patches add flair and a personal touch to your accessories, so don’t hold back. Use simple supplies to design your patch and cut it out with scissors to add your creation right onto the bag.

    How to Make a Backpack Flair Patch from The Spruce

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    DIY Mini Backpack

     Sewing Rabbit

    This video tutorial will guide you through a sewing project perfect for your little ones. You can even tailor the backpacks to fit any size and shape with customizable patterns and colors.

    DIY Mini Backpack Video from Sewing Rabbit

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    Retro Denim Rucksack

     Sew DIY

    Go back in time with this stylish denim DIY. With its long and adjustable straps, this backpack can be worn multiple ways while complementing your outfit.

    Retro Rucksack Blog Tour from Sew DIY

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    DIY Honeycomb Pack

     Mollie Johanson

    Use the free hexagon embroidery pattern included in this tutorial to make a trendy honeycomb backpack—bees not included. The tasteful pattern and warm colors make this pack an ideal fall accessory.

    DIY Embroidered Honeycomb Backpack from The Spruce

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    Colorful Crystal Backpack


    The best part about this DIY backpack tutorial is how customizable it is. Experiment with colors and designs until you find one that suits your fancy and embellish away!

    DIY Crystal Backpack from DIYs.com

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    DIY Pineapple Pack

     Make It & Love It

    Why not incorporate your favorite fruit into your on-the-go wardrobe? Use your sewing skills to create this adorable pineapple project.

    Pineapple Drawstring Backpack from Make It & Love It

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    Crafty Crochet Detailed Backpack


    Fun-shaped yarn pins are an easy way to update a boring pack. This handy tutorial walks you through every stitch needed to crochet these unique decorations.

    DIY Crochet Backpack Flair from DMC

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    DIY Drawstring Backpack

     Alice & Lois

    Access to a sewing machine is necessary for this cute project. Don’t fret if you’re not a sewing expert—this project is beginner-friendly. The easy-to-follow instructions will help you make an adorable drawstring pack with a handy outer pocket.

    DIY Drawstring Backpack from Alice & Lois

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    Woodland Creatures Backpack

     You Made My Day

    This tutorial provides a sewing pattern to make an adorable autumn backpack complete with zippers and pockets galore. You can use your favorite fabric patterns to create a one-of-the-kind accessory.

    School Backpack Sewing Tutorial & Pattern from You Made My Day

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    Basket Backpack

     Delia Creates

    A video tutorial makes this project even simpler. Basket backpacks make it easy to fit your items while giving you major style points. This project updates a straw tote to create a fashionable and practical accessory.

    Basket Backpack Tutorial (Video) from Delia Creates

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    Kids’ Drawstring Backpack

     Sweet Red Poppy

    Florals never go out of season, and this backpack won’t either. All of the supplies can be found at your local craft or fabric store. Sewing is required!

    Drawstring Backpack Tutorial from Sweet Red Poppy

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    Upcycled Plaid Shirt Pack

     A Beautiful Mess

    Stylish, low-cost, and easy—what more could you want in a DIY project? An old shirt can be made new again by using this tutorial to transform it into the perfect fall accessory.

    Easy Restyled Fall Backpack from A Beautiful Mess

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    Toddler Backpack Sewing DIY

     Polkadot Chair

    Backpack DIY projects allow you to customize size, color, and pattern. With multiple pockets and fabric flaps, this project has plenty of opportunities to flex your creative muscles and experiment with design.

    Free Sewing Toddler Backpack Pattern from Polkadot Chair

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    Monogrammed Backpack

     Lolly Jane

    Making over a boring backpack is made simple by adding a classy monogram with stencils and fabric paint. Not only will this make your pack stand out, it will make finding it much easier, especially when its among a sea of others at school. This is an easy DIY only requiring a few simple supplies that you may have on hand already. If not, all it takes is a quick trip to the craft store.

    Monogram Stencil Backpack Makeover from Lolly Jane