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    If Gifts Earned You Good Grades, This Vase Deserves an A+


    Going back to school after a long, relaxing summer can bring up many feelings for students, as well as educators. Some kids may feel nervous—will my friends be in the same class?—or worried—did I read enough over the summer to be prepared?—or excited—I can’t wait to learn more about the world around me! Starting the school year off on the right foot by showing your new teacher some appreciation can go a long way to demonstrating your commitment and eagerness to learn.

    This pencil vase is easy to make, great for beginner (and young!) crafters, and will look awesome in a new classroom.

    For extra-credit, try making a pencil votive holder using mini golf pencils and a small juice glass using the same techniques demonstrated in this tutorial.

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    Gather Materials


    Making a pencil vase fit for a teacher doesn’t require many supplies. You might even have everything you need in your home already. For this craft gather together:

    • 1 large glass or aluminum jar
    • 1 to 2 boxes of pencils (either sharpened or not)
    • Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
    • Ribbon
    • Scissors
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    Apply Hot Glue to Pencils


    There are a few different methods to making a pencil vase. You can use a hot glue gun to glue your pencils to the jar as we did, or you could use a rubber-band fitted around the jar to slide the pencils into. Both methods end up with the same beautiful final vase.

    If you are using a hot glue gun, make sure you have asked a parent or guardian to supervise. They can get very hot, and even seasoned pros still get burns. Use the hot glue gun and line one side of the pencil with the glue.

    If your kiddos are too young to use a hot-glue gun or a parent/guardian isn’t around to supervise, don’t worry—kids can still make a pencil vase for their new teacher all on their own. Use a rubber band that is wide and big enough to fit around your jar. The rubber band should not be much larger then the jar. You should be able to slide your pencils in-between the band and the jar and have they stay.

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    Press Pencil Onto Jar


    Working fast while the glue is still hot on the pencil, press it firmly onto the jar. If you use too little glue, the pencils will pop off the jar.

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    Continue Adding Pencils to Jar


    Keep adding pencils with glue to the jar. It can be really challenging to get them to all stay straight—just remind yourself that you are trying to glue something hard and flat to a round surface, and physics is working naturally against you.

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    Cut Ribbon


    Add a decorative touch to your vase by adding a cheery ribbon. The ribbon used in this craft was a grosgrain ribbon with an alphabet print, but one with a pop of color would be nice as well. Wrap your ribbon around the vase to measure how much you need, then use scissors to cut it.

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    Glue Ribbon to Vase


    Use the hot glue gun to glue your ribbon around the vase. If you are using the rubber band method, adding a ribbon can be a great way to cover it up.

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    Add Real or Fake Flowers


    Present the vase to your favorite teacher or educator with real or fake flowers! Although it is usually preferred to have real blooms in your home, office, or classroom, fake flowers hold up better in a location where there might not be access to sunlight and regular watering. With or without flowers, this pencil vase will certainly make the point that you are ready for the school year.