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    DIY: Egg Carton Flower Craft

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    This is an easy craft that requires egg cartons and some simple craft supplies. This egg carton flower craft is a great way to turn something you usually toss out with the garbage into bright 3D art! Plus, flower crafts are always a favorite in the spring months that kids enjoy.

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    Supplies You’ll Need for the Egg Carton Flower Craft

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    Gather up all the items and supplies you will need for this project, and let’s start making this easy egg carton craft!


    • Egg carton
    • Scissors
    • Paint
    • Construction Paper
    • Pipe Cleaner
    • Pom Poms
    • Glue
    • Paint Brush
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    Step One: Egg Carton Flower Craft

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    Cut out each of the “cups” from the egg carton–these will be your flowers. If one side is taller or has a different shape, just trim them down with your scissors. They don’t have to be perfect; it adds to the uniqueness of each flower if they are different.

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    Step Two: Egg Carton Flower Craft

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    Pick out your favorite colors of paint and gather some brushes because once you’ve cut apart your egg carton, it’s time to paint. For our flower craft, we went with bright spring colors and used acrylic paint.

    With egg cartons, acrylic paint stays consistently bright a bit more than tempera paint does. If you are using tempera paint, just give the kids a bit extra or apply a second coat if needed; it tends to be absorbed by the egg carton a bit more than acrylic paint does.

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    Step Three: Egg Carton Flower Craft

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    After your paint has dried, you can have the children glue the pom poms on. Drop a small amount of glue into the center of the egg carton and add a pom pom of contrasting color to work as the center of each flower.

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    Finished Egg Carton Flower Craft

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    Now let’s put our flowers together! Glue each egg carton flower onto a piece of construction paper. Next, glue green pipe cleaners (also called chenille sticks) to the paper, reaching from the flower to the bottom of the page. The pipe cleaners make a perfect stem. If you have older kids doing this project, they can add leaves to the stems by twisting on smaller pieces of pipe cleaner to the stem piece.

    When they are dry, you can display this colorful 3D art around your space! It’s a perfect way to recycle egg cartons and bring a piece of spring into your home or classroom!