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    A Winter Embroidery Craft to Make With Kids

     Mollie Johanson

    Stitch up some winter decor with this printable snowman flag that’s ready for embroidery! It’s so simple to make that it’s perfect for stitching with kids. Just print, stitch and display!

    Embroidering on paper is fun to do and the printable template included in this project makes it even easier. Kids may need some guidance so the card stock doesn’t get too wrinkled as they work.

    Of course, this doesn’t need to be a project that’s only for kids. Stitchers of all ages can make a snowman flag! In fact, you may want to try embroidering something like this on felt or fabric. Ideas for this are at the end of the project.

    The sample shows stitching with white perle cotton on blue card stock, but you can just as easily make this on white card stock, stitching the snowman in light blue. Or stitch a bunch of snowmen in a rainbow of colors!

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    Snowman Flag Supplies and Preparation

     Mollie Johanson

    Tools & Supplies

    Card Stock – Blue or White
    Hole Punch
    Perle Cotton or Embroidery Floss – White or Light Blue
    Wooden Skewer

    Prepare the Flag Base

    Download the snowman flag template and print it on card stock. Be sure to set your printer to  “portrait” or “vertical” printing and so the image fills the page.

    Cut out the flag template and use a standard hole punch on the circles at the top of the flag. Following the guide for stitching on paper, pierce each of the dots for the snowman outline with a needle.

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    Embroider the Snowman Flag

     Mollie Johanson

    Turn the paper flag over so the printed side becomes the back and none of the markings show.

    Thread your needle with a length of perle cotton or embroidery floss. Bring the needle through one of the holes from back to front, leaving a short tail on the back. Secure the tail with a small tab of tape.

    Embroider around the snowman with either back stitch or double running stitch. If you are stitching with a child, choose whichever stitch will be easier for them.

    When you reach the end of the design (or if you need to start another length of thread), secure the end of the thread with another tab of tape. If you’re using a removable tape, such as washi tape, you can peel it back and use the same tab as your starting tape.

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    Finish the Flag With a Hanger

     Mollie Johanson

    To make the hanger for your flag, trim the pointed end off of the wooden skewer, making the length a little wider than the flag.

    Weave the skewer through the holes. Cut a 12in piece of perle cotton or embroidery floss and tie it to the ends of the skewer with a double knot.

    More Ways to Make Snowman Flags

    These snowmen don’t have to just be outlines. Add some star stitches or stripes with long straight stitches to fill in the center.

    Embellish the rest of the flag by gluing on sequins, confetti or fake snow.

    Instead of making this with paper, use the template to make a felt flag. Embroider the snowman as with the paper version or add a fabric snowman applique.

    Use a larger needle to poke the stitching holes and then embroider the snowman with fuzzy yarn to make it look extra fluffy!

    Want snowman garland instead of a flag? Stitch up a bunch of them and thread them on a long length of string. This would make a great project for a group of kids to work on together!