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    DIY Tulle Tutu

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    We’re not quite certain what it is about a tutu, but there’s a certain magic in it that’s been enchanting little girls (and big girls alike!) for ages. Something about pulling on those layers of tulle and twirling around just makes them come alive. This easy-to-make DIY tulle tutu project captures that magic, and is the perfect project to put together if you’ve got about an hour to spare. You can create a tutu for daily dress up play, for a special outfit, or even for a Halloween costume (add a crown and you’re a princess or a ballerina!). This adorable tutu will definitely give you some bang for your DIY buck.

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    Gather Materials

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    This project can be customized in so many ways, with color, tulle type, length, and more. Select your tulle accordingly, based on the preferences and size of the person you’re creating the tutu for. Your elastic does not necessarily need to match the color of your tulle, as once the skirt is completed, it will be covered by the tulle.

    What You’ll Need

    • Roll of soft tulle (or your preferred stiffness)
    • Elastic band, at least 3/4″ wide
    • Needle and thread
    • Scissors
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    Cut the Elastic

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    Start by measuring the waist of the person who will be wearing the tutu. Subtract 2 to 3 inches depending on the strength of your elastic (the weaker your elastic, the more you should subtract). Cut your elastic to this length.


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    Sew the Elastic

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    Overlap the ends of the elastic by about one inch. Thread your needle and carefully sew the two overlapped ends together, creating a hoop. Reinforce your stitches a few times to ensure the hoop is strong; this will sit around the waist and form the base for the tutu.

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    Attach the Tulle

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    Cut strips of tulle depending on the height of the person wearing the tutu, and the length you’d like the skirt. The skirt will end up about half of the length of the tulle that you cut; as an example, if you cut strips that are 4 feet long, your tutu will have about 2 feet of length.

    Keep in mind also that the tulle won’t fall straight down; it will poof out a bit. So it’s better to err on the side of too long and then trim at the end than to make a skirt that’s too short.

    Once your strips are cut, fold them in half and hold the fold under the elastic. Pull the open ends around the elastic and through the loop of tulle, creating a loop knot and affixing the tulle to the elastic.

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    Complete the Circle

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    Continue making loop knots of tulle all the way around the circle of elastic. Your tutu will be taking shape.

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    Fill In

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    If you’d like your skirt to be a little fuller, cut more strips of tulle that are slightly shorter than your first strips. Attach these in the same way, between the strips that are already attached. You can add as many or as few as you like. Make sure that the skirt is evenly full on all sides as you attach.

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    Trim the Ends

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    Once you’ve achieved your desired fullness, gather all of the tulle together and trim the ends to make sure they’re nice and even.

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    Wear It

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     Put on that tutu and have a ball!