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    Beat the Back-to-School Blues With Fun Pencil Crafts

     Katherine Lee

    Brighten up back-to-school time with these bright and cheery pencil holders. They’re super-easy to make and will add a lovely pop of color to your child’s desk or homework area. Kids will love gluing and painting these pencil cups, and they may just be a little less bummed about doing homework with these little cuties to store pencils, markers, and other school supplies in.

    You can also use the punched shapes (flowers, stars, or whatever else you choose) to jazz up boring old pencils.

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    Gather Your Materials

     Katherine Lee

    Gather the supplies you’ll need to make these cute pencil holders. Here’s what you should have:

    • Color paper
    • Empty box (I used a tea box)
    • Craft sticks
    • Paint
    • Paintbrushes
    • Liquid glue
    • Paper punch (I used punches that made 1 1/2″ sized flowers and stars)
    • Hole punch
    • Scissors
    • Old newspaper or other paper you can work on
    • Ribbons (optional)
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    Measure the Craft Stick Against the Box

     Katherine lee

    Take one of the craft sticks and put it on the empty tea box. This will give you an idea of where you want to cut the box so that the craft sticks can be glued around it. (I cut the box so that it was about 1/2″ shorter than the craft stick). Then, take a ruler and draw a line all around the box.

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    Cut the Box

     Katherine Lee

    Use the scissors to cut around the box. If one side of the box is open (as it will be with a tea box), seal it shut with a bit of tape or glue.

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    Glue on the Craft Sticks

     Katherine Lee

    Now you’re ready to glue on the sticks! First, spread out some newspaper. Then, take the liquid school glue and put a bit on each stick. The sticks will make the box stronger and resistant to bending. Glue one side at a time, letting the glue dry completely before moving on to the next side.

    Note: If you’re making more than one pencil holder, you may want to glue craft sticks to the other box at this point to save time.

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    Punch out Shapes

     Katherine Lee

    While your craft sticks are drying, use your paper punch to make flowers or stars, or whatever shape you decided to use. Take your hole punch and make a hole in the middle of your flower or star (this is where your pencil will go in).

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    Put Pencils Through the Flowers

     Katherine Lee

    Working carefully, push the pencils through the holes.

    Hint: To make this step a little easier for younger kids, try using a card stock paper; the heavier weight of the paper will make it less likely that the paper will rip when the pencil is pushed through.

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    Glue All the Sides

     Katherine Lee

    Finish gluing craft sticks on all the sides. When you are done, it will look like this.

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    Paint the Box

     Katherine Lee

    Now you’re ready to paint the box.

    Hint: It may work best to paint three sides and let them dry before finishing the last side so that your child has something to hold onto while he paints.

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    Add a Ribbon and a Flower

     Katherine Lee

    Glue a ribbon around the pencil holder and add a flower to add a decorative touch.

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    Fill Your Pencil Holder

     Katherine Lee

    Now your pencil holder is ready for pencils, pens, scissors—whatever your child needs at her desk or homework area.

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    Make a Few and Put One on Your Desk, Too

     Katherine Lee

    Make several of these pretty pencil holders and put them on each family member’s desk. These little beauties will cheer up any task, at school, home, or work.