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    Landscape Hidden

    Noah’s Dreams / Etsy

    Do you ever dream of faraway places? A fantasy land? Stop dreaming and dive into this fun and whimsical Landscape Hidden from Noah’s Dreams. This cross stitch pattern is rich in color and style. It is an excellent project for a more advanced stitcher. It would be beautiful in a sun-filled room with plants and other fun knickknacks.

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    Ocean Sunset

    Cross Stitch Pattern

    You don’t have to say goodbye to summer ever again with this free Ocean Sunset pattern from Cross Stitch Pattern. It is a reminder of relaxing on a beautiful beach with a coconut drink in your hand. This pattern screams late 1970s early 80s west coast style. It would be fun to cross stitch this pattern on a large scale and frame it across an entire wall.

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    Silver Landscape

    123 Stitch

    Winter landscapes are quiet and serene. Think about how still the air is; the only sound you hear is the crunching of the snow under your feet. 123 Stitch and Carriage House have created a pattern that allows you to remember that feeling all year round with their Silver Landscape pattern. The primitive design is timeless. It would be a beautiful addition to a log cabin or winter getaway.

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    Winter Star

    Gvello Stitch

    It is never too early to cross stitch presents and decor for the holiday season. Gvello Stitch offers a Winter Star pattern that makes a perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast. You can cross-stitch a larger version of this pattern to put on top of your rustic cabin themed Christmas tree. You can also find other seasons on their website to stitch.

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    Bethlehem Steel

    Mystic Stitch

    This amazing gray scale cross stitch is based on artist Guy Lehman’s work. It is an industrial landscape that is haunting and beautiful. Mystic Stitch takes amazing works of art and changes them into patterns you can cross-stitch. Bethlehem Steel would be a great addition to an office or an industrial loft space.

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    Calm Waters

    Good Life 2 Go

    When we think of landscapes we think of a beautiful place that bring us peace. Good Life 2 Go shares their idea of a serene landscape with their free pattern entitled Calm Waters. Imagine sitting on the bank of this river, fishing or reading or even cross-stitching. The pattern is very traditional but can have a modern twist by adding low brow characters or a snarky quote to it.

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    Japanese Landscape

    Gentle Feather / Etsy

    This Japanese Landscape from Gentle Feather pays homage to the beautiful paper cuttings of the Asian culture. Using only 3 colors in the pattern, you still get lost in the landscape. It is an easy pattern for first-time cross stitchers. Create a trip around the world with other landscape patterns from Gentle Feather. Have fun with the idea and cross-stitch every country or state that you have visited. It could be your very own travel wall.

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    Relaxing Beach

    Free Cross Stitch Catalog

    What is that beach bunny reading? Why the latest cross stitch book, of course! This fun and whimsical pattern is free from Free Cross Stitch Catalog. The pattern has been created to look like a seashell tile mural you would find along a boardwalk. You can change the hair color and bathing suit for a more personal touch. It is a wonderful addition to any beach cottage.

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    Looking Out the Window

    WhimsyEtc / Etsy

    There was an era where stained glass was at the height of popularity. The design that was put into windows and lamps, in particular, were on par with famous works of art. WhimsyEtc. celebrates the beautiful display of stained glass with their Landscape cross stitch pattern. While this pattern is detailed, it is perfect for all levels of cross stitchers because it does not have any special stitching, just full cross stitches. It is a beautiful pattern for anyone who enjoys art deco/craftsman style decor.

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    Over the Rainbow

    Cross Stitch Pattern

    Why do we love the rain? It brings us rainbows! Cross Stitch Pattern knows the importance of having a little rain in the mix to create a beautiful rainbow landscape. Just picture yourself lying on the grass, looking up at the clouds and a fabulous rainbow. This pattern is free on their website. Cross stitch this pattern for your office or cubicle to remind you of the importance of taking time for yourself.